• Walco’s Electric Heating Chafers – Keeping Your Food HOT! 

    Walco offers the best alternative to open flame. 
    And the smartest way to save money. 

    Walco Stainless does a magnificent job keeping food warm and ready to serve. They offer a variety of way to do this, with their electric heating chafers.

    Walco’s electric heating chafers help maintain the quality of your buffet and keep the presentation looking perfect while being energy efficient and equally as environmentally friendly. Being able to choose the temperature and duration of how long your food is heated for is a what kitchens demand today. The versatility of the heating chafers also allows you to attach it to almost any size chafing dish using a magnetic system.

    Here are the three options Walco offers:

    Square Unit – ELUNIT – Dial allows you to control the temperature that you desire. For more informationclick here.

    Induction Unit – The best alternative to open flame. For more information click here.

    Round Urn Unit – WICUKIT –  Keep coffee at the perfect temperature with a dial that allows you to control how high or low it goes. No more need for flame heating that can burn your coffee. More information click here.

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