• Holiday Table Accents you Don’t want to Miss!

    Adding charger plates & napkin rings to your Holiday table adds more than just color.

    Holidays bring savory and sweet pleasures.
    Any chef worth their salt will tell you that table appearance matters too. Ensure your tabletops will delight guests this holiday season by pairing charger plates with the sweet charms of matching lacquered napkin rings. Give your guests the gift of a delectable elegance at the table this season, for a reasonable price.

     Charger plates 13” Poly-Pro and napkin rings by Tabletop Classics are available from Jones Marketing Company. Choose between three styles: plain round, bead round, and square, a variety in rich colors, all with a lacquer finish.

    Need custom art?
    Add a personal touch with custom one-of-a kind personalized charger plates and matching personalized napkin rings to complete your elegant table.

    Contact JMC for more info or to order now

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